Congratulations to Shri. Harish S on being recognised by CMD for developing LFMT service on NGN

It is a great honour to the DR community in general and AIGETOA in particular to highlight the achievement of its star performer – Shri Harish S. He has done excellent work in CDMA, GSM and now NGN. He and his team of 4 DRs in NGN Bangalore have developed and launched the LFMT service single handedly. They have succeeded where vendors failed. This shows that BSNL has great in-house talent in the telecommunications field. All of these initiatives are powered by the dynamic young talent of BSNL. AIGETOA applauds the achievements of its member – Shri Harish who has and continues to hold various responsible positions in its Bangalore chapter. 

Shri Harish was recognized for his outstanding performance in the recent HOCC at Delhi by CMD BSNL.