• Pawan Kishore?Direct Recruited Employees of BSNL

    I am ready to sacrifice the salary cut, I am ready to face the situation where my colleges are doing their routine duty in the same unit & it also doesn’t matter for me that no one from my SSA has dare to come forward to participate in agitation. But it is not acceptable for me to face my situation in future when I held myself responsible for my poor condition. 
    Therefore, whatever may be the situation, I have decided NOT TO ATTEND MY OFFICE until someone is sitting hungry in cold day & night at Delhi in hope of our better present & future. It is true that I may not keep fasting & could not go to Delhi, but I cannot cheat myself & our sacrificing friends by going against them. 
    I’ve just listened my soul voice & hope others also to do the same.
    Every DRs of Karnataka learn lesson  from pawan kishore  DRJTO, Think  understand who working for you,
     Unity of DRs comes from heart not from any associations/mercy of transfer posting or post particular section you wanted(Your controlling officer member of particular association/group).
  • AIGETOA KTK CS Met PGM(HR/Admin) Served Notice.

    Dear friends

    AIGETOA CS,CP,DS Bangalore met PGM(HR/Admin) and submitted the revised notice of CHQ. We have explained about the basic issues pertaining to DRs Like pay, pension, career, Mass transfer of DRs in BSNL.

    Our agitation started for breach of contract of the agreement signed on 08.08.2013 and as part of our agitation so far we have done,

    1) The signature campaign in the First week

    2) Mass hunger strike in the second week and

    3) Indefinite hunger fast from today at  Jantar mantar New Delhi.

    In Karnataka circle we got full support from all the DRs of BSNL and moral support from the other union and associations.

    At BG-East exchange around 100 JTO/SDEs have done lunch hour demonstration as symbolic protest in support of CHQs hunger fast.

    CS,CP,DS Bangalore and BBNW NOC DRs visited all sections like Circle office,Ulsoor,NTB,CMX,RT Nagar,Jayanagar and Koramangala to ensure the 100% participation and explained the need of unity at this juncture.

    We are received report all SSA DRs taken active support and fully supporting the Indefinite Hunger Fast has started today under the leadership of Shri R.P. Shahu at Jantar Mantar New Delhi

  • All India President Sh R P Shahu along with some other volunteers will sit on indefinite hunger fast from 12/02/2014 at Jantar Mantar New Delhi.

    GS Shri Ravishil Verma served revised notice to CMD BSNL regarding ongoing protest from 3rd Feb-2014 against breach of trust and non-resolution of very basic issues in respect of direct recruited executives.

  • AIGETOA KTK CS ,CP Met Bangalore South MP Shri Ananth Kumar Submited memorandum

    Dear Friends

    CS Sundaraju and CP Ashok Shigli  met  Bangalore South MP Shri Ananth Kumar and Submitted  a copy of memorandum to him, and explained the steps taken by     this association in the previous  Dharna.

     A copy of record of discussion held on 08.08.2013  with BSNL management  was also submitted to him and explained that after passing four months no response from  the management  side, so this association  left  to go for  hunger strike all over  India from 03.02.2014.

    Honorable MP Informed the PS to forward memorandum submitted by AIGETOA Karnataka circle and assured that  he will take up the issue with MOC Tomorrow itself along with AIGETOA  representatives. 

  • A real fact about 30% Superannuation Benefit.

    ..Superannuation.? What the heck it is.. I am more concerned about what do I get now..

    Most of us had been made to think that way by BSNL. BSNL only pays the 18% of Basic + DA as superannuation benefits, instead of DPEs proposed 30%. In the final analysis, the 12% that BSNL doesn’t pay makes a huge difference.

                                                                          What we have already Lost

    A calculation of the benefits we have lost till 31.12.2013 because of BSNL refusing to give us the 30% Superannuation Benefits, which had been made mandatory for CPSUs according to the Department of Public Enterprises, 2nd Pay Revision Commission. 

     Batch Loss up to
    Calculation of Avg Loss in
    Retirement (interest rate 8.5%)
    (due to loss only up to DEC/2013) 
    Avg Loss In Retirement
    (due to loss only up to
    DEC/2013) in Lakhs 
     2009 1.5  1.5(1+0.085)33   22
     2007 1.8 1.8(1+0.085)32   24.5
     2005 4.5 4.5(1+0.085)30  52
    2002 6.5 6.5(1+0.085)26 54
    2001 7 7(1+0.085)26 58

      You should know that according to Govt rules any Company in India should ensure Basic, DA and Superannuation benefits to all employees before giving additional perks like TA etc. But in BSNL a section of the Employees (DoT Absorbees) have been accorded full benefits (Basic, DA, TA, Pension..etc)

    while another section’s (Direct Recruits) benefits are cut (only 18% superannuation benefits instead of 30%), citing financial burden to BSNL. So we Direct Recruits are supposed to be content with the Rs.3250/- EPF Pension that would be given to us after 30 years of service. 

         This means that the Cost to Company for a Direct Recruit in the present condition is much lower than that of his DoT Absorbee counterpart. So we are a kind of second class workers in BSNL, working for much lower wages for the same job as compared to our DoT Absorbee counterparts, because of BSNL not having implemented the DPE 2nd PRC in full. The money we have already lost till NOW would have easily yielded us monthly interest amount of Rs.6500/- by the time of retirement (twice the pension amount we are going to receive after 30 years of service). 

         Friends its time to take tough decisions. The time to act is NOW. Nothing can be done about what we have already lost. But if we don’t act now then we have no one but ourselves to blame for our fate.(From AIGETOA Kerala site)


  • AIGETOA KARWAR SSA Meeting Held on 02.02.2014

    Dear Friends

    AIGETOA Karwar  SSA was conducted    at karwar  on 2nd  feb 2014  at 10:00 am with all of our association DRs gathered and discussed the fallowing  issues pertaining to DRs  direct recruited BSNL JTO’s .

    The minutes of the meeting were

    • Membership issues were discussed and it was decided to collect the membership  monthly subscription of Rs.100/- from all of our  members till Jan 31.
    • Decided to open a savings bank account at karwar within  a week.
    • Discussed various local issues raised by our members.  
    • Information regarding strike is given to all members everybody accepted to participate in it with full of passion.
    • SSA body decided Next meeting will be held at yellapur in the month of April or may.

    The complete details of the paid members from karwar ssa is sent CS for further information.

  • AIGETOA KTK CS,CP Met PGM at circle office.

    Dear friends

    CS, Sundaraju and CP, Ashok Y.shigli met PGM(Admin/HR) at circle office and discussed the issues of Direct recruits of Karnataka circle on 06.02.2014. 
    1.CS, Sundaraju visited to Tumkur on 05/02/14 to  discuss the issues of Direct recruits of  Tumkur SSA. Some association DS/DP tried to stop the discussion but CS has taken permission over phone with GM/  Tumkur and continued the meeting.
    Some associations claim that they are well wishers of direct recruits but do unethical things to direct recruits of BSNL. and they threaten DR-JTOs in the name of ACR. 
    I request all Direct recruits that please maintain the work diary so that you can defend your self.
    Please don’t worry of charge sheet or Dies non, it will affect your pension after retirement only, we dont have pension, still we are fighting for that.  we are Direct recruited Engineers/account officers getting lesser salary than others by doing similar work.
    No promotion avenues since joining BSNL
    Some of DSs are direct recruits in the other association and not bothered take up issues of Direct recruits, even not signed signature campaign. 
    Before issuing  Hunger strike notice to CGMT, CS  written a letter to all associations and unions seeking support  to our genuine basic rights. 
    AIGETOA KTK Circle Body committed to support all DRs of karnataka, we will inform you how to handle such situations by Email to all. Every association has right to conduct meeting and discuss issues.All DRs be ready to show your Unity and strength.  
    CS and CP explained the way other associations working against DRs in karnataka , if such kind of practice is continued, it will create unhealthy situations among executives and it is not good for growth and services of BSNL. 
    2.Reliving of DRJTOs transferred  to other SSA/Circle. 
    PGM assured their early relieving. 
    3.CS,CP Explained DRs started Black badge wearing and signature campaign also done peacefully. 
    4.All the DRJTOs request transfer to other SSA will be considered during regular transfer as per transfer policy and required strength.




  • AIGETOA KTK Review and Analysis meeting held at Bangalore

    Dera Friends

    Review meeting held at Bangalore analysing the all SSA report/Black bade wearing/Signature compgain.

    1.SSA Report: Memorandum submitting GM/DGM/PGM.

    2.Hunger strike participation to Delhi:Volunters to participiate  submitted online at CHQ site, along with other interested Direct recruited executives from SSA give name through DS  at CS/CP  before Friday last date.

    3.AIGETOA SSA Body Re-organisation planned after Hunger strike.

    If any SSA wants conduct meeting inform CS/CP and circle body members.  

    4.AIGETOA KTK Circle Fund status verified.All the District body deposit Circle/CHQ Quota before Friday.

    CFS Jayakumar and AFS1 Ajay ,AFS2 Prashnath informed  co-ordinate with SSA to collect monthly subscription (Sep to Dec 2013) Some of SSA not paid.

    5.Most of SSA meeting completed attended by DS/DP/Circle body members.Remaining SSA meeting planned and  informed all circle/district  Co-ordinators/SSA body for making arrangement discussion with all DRs and Fix the Date and Venue.

    6.All Circle/District body Update the status time to time  members so circle body take necessary action whenever need arises.

  • AIGETOA CHQ team on Hunger strike at Corporate office.

    Dear Friends

    AIGETOA CHQ Team 20 DRs including women executives on Hunger strike.

    Karnataka circle most of DRs wearing Black badge  show to protest.

    AIGETOA KTK CS,CP,ACS2, done Hunger strike for two days.


    All SSA DS/DP are taken active participation  photos will be uploaded soon.

    Some of Co-trolling offices are started Nonsense against DRs we will not tolerate such things

    if any SSA DGM/GM or AGM/SDE other association doing any oppose against Direct recruits be careful.

    We are not asking you to give salary/pension and other issues

    We are fighting for our basic rights  with BSNL management all of you are enjoying in BSNL 







  • Letter by CGM Karnataka to CS Sundaraju

    Dear All DRs of Karnataka circle

    CGM Karnataka circle writen a letter to CS Sundarraju

    Caption can be : ” All the DR i.e. JTOs/SDEs of this association are requested to adhere to this letter and follow the procedure for improving the MTTR. Any issues observed in following these orders may be intimated to CS/CP via the concerned DS/DP of the SSA.