AIGETOA KTK meeting with CGMT on 26/06/2013

AIGETOA KTK CP Mr Ashok Y Shigli,CS Mr Manjuanth,Org Sec Mr Manoj,ACS Mr Sundarraju,VP Mr Rohit gour met CGMT at circle office and Discussed at length the following points.

1. We stressed on the Rule 8 cases that are pending and informed the Wait list being escalated to more than 105  now.We requested CGMT to relive the JTOs with most of them having family commitment and genuine problems.
CGMT Assured to look into the detail and discuss with the PGM (Admin) for relevant actions.
2. In Karnataka some of GM/DGM behavior and attitude is de-motivating towards the DR-JTOs the CS indicated that this may lead to agitational activities in coming days if such precedence is not nipped in the bud.
CGMT Assured he will discuss with concerned GM and take appropriate solution.
3. Gradation list of DRJTOs has not followed DOPT guide lines in KTK circle even though it is prepared after 03.03.2008.
CGMT assured study the case and discuss with PGM.
4.Posting of LDCE qualified executives. We requested the CGMT to consider the request transfer of JTOs having genuine problem and merit.
CGMT assured as per vacancy requirement, the requests will taken up.
We Thank the CGM for his patient listening and the intent to do the needful.