• Circle Coordination committee of CS AIGETOA and CS AIBSNLEA members had meeting with DGM(Admin) at Circle office.

    Dear friends

    Circle Coordination committee of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA members had meeting with DGM(Admin) and AGM(HRD) on 09.10.2014 and discussed the following issues: 

    1) Bala Gandhi and Deepika Singhal Transfer.
    2) Rule-08 transfer cases and Rule-08 Registration at circle office.
    3) Relieving of JTOs to NGN circle.
    4)Relieving of JTOs Transferred.
     All the DRs Applied for Rule 8 transfer one way transfer earlier and not in waiting list meet Administration at SSA forward  applications for registering in circle Rule 8 waiting list.
    If any problem inform CS  Email: aigetoaktk@gmail.com 
    Sundar Raju,
    AIGETOA CS, KTK circle
  • Intra-Circle transfer requests considered after continuous persuasion of Circle Joint Committee of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA

    Our association has been regularly following up on the pending list of both intra and inter Circle transfers. We now have received a boost with the formation of the Co-ordination Committee at the Circle level of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA.

    We thank DGM (Admin) for considering our request in that the cases of Ms. Deepika Singhal and Mr. Balagandhi are under active consideration.

    Since June 2014, in our meetings with CGM, we impressed upon him the long waiting lists for both inter-Circle and intra-Circle transfers. As a result of this, in July 2014 an order of intra-Circle transfer cases was released. We are pursuing for the relieving of some of them.

    On the 20th of September in our meeting with DGM (Admin), he considered our viewpoints to clear the genuine pending intra-Circle  requests that were left out.

    As per our follow up today, orders of the above 2 persons are likely to be released shortly.

    AIGETOA KTK is dedicated to follow-up both intra-Circle and inter-Circle transfers of members.



  • Joint Session of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA at RTTC, Mysore on 30.09.14

    The joint session of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA at RTTC Mysore was witnessed by more  DRs  from mysore,Mandya,Hassan,Madakeri  SSAs and more number of  Executives from AIBSNLEA side. 

    Com B C Gundar President ,Mysore TD presided over the Spl GB and conducted proceedings. Com Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA CHQ,Com R P Shahu GS,AIGETOA CHQ, Com  S R Patil OS(S),CHQ,Com H Y Andeli,CS,Com Ashok Shigli President, AIGETOA KTK, Com S K Hiremath ACS- I were on dais. Com Krishnegowda ACS-II, welcomed the gathering by presenting flower bouquets.Com B V Ramachandra DS submitted Mysore District report. Com H Y Andeli,CS  congratulated and thanked both GSs for MOU on 3/08/3014 He explained the efforts of CHQ in continuously resolving the issues of BSNL Executives especially the Direct recruits of BSNL. He mentioned that the collaboration of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA is a historical step towards the unity of Executives in BSNL and everyone should work hard for achieving the victory of AIBSNLA-AIGETOA collaboration in the forthcoming membership verification process.Com S R Patil OS(S) CHQ in his address He appreciated Com Hiremath and Com Krishne gowda in BGTD and MYTD.He appealed to all members  for increasing membership, every body should work hard to get No.1 position in the referendum.

    Com. R.P. Shahu GS AIGETOA CHQ in his energetic speech outlined the activities of CHQ & stressed upon the unity of both the associations. He appreciated the working of Com. Prahlad Rai & thanked him in the way the historical MOU is signed. He appealed all the members of both the association to work hard & not only get the mandate for number one position but to create no scope for second association. He appreciated the organisers for arranging the Joint Spl. General Body Meeting of both the association in Mysore. GS R.P Shahu interacted with DRs about queries and answered how to achieve our main core issues.

    In his address General Secretary AIBSNLEA Com. Prahlad Rai thanked all the participants & organisers for arranging Joint Spl. General Body Meeting of both the association in Mysore. He outlined all the issues & their progress in corporate office. Regarding CPC from JAO to AO, he informed that CPC has completed. Order will be issued shortly after clearance of CLO. Regarding VCRs to CAO (Regular), DE(Regular) and  DGM (Engg.) Adhoc Promotions, our association is making all efforts & requested CVO for sending the VCRs for the CPCs of 400 CAO (Regular), 200 DE(Regular) left out cases, and 480 DGM (Engg) Adhoc Promotions. All efforts are being made to collect the VCRs from circles. 

    GS informed the house for his efforts for getting released 131 DGM (Finance) Adhoc to DGM (Finance) regular promotion. He is making all efforts for getting issued early promotion orders of DGM(Finance/Adhoc)  to DGM(Finance/Regular) since all the VCRs from CVO office has been received in SEA cell . Regarding CPC from AO to CAO he informed that we are making all efforts for getting approval of BSNL Board regarding diversion of 336 CAOs MT quota posts to the Seniority Quota so that CPC from AO to CAO can be initiated. 

    Regarding 30% Superannuation benefit to the BSNL recruited employees as per DPE guidelines he informed that the matter is pending with ED(Finance). We will be discussing with the competent authority shortly  for further necessary action. Regarding  E2 and E3 standard IDA pay scales to the JTOs and SDE equivalent executives he said that the clarification from DPE on E1A and E2A pay scales has been received and shortly it will be put up to the competent authority for further necessary action.  Regarding merger of Civil/Electrical/Arch. wings with SSAs he said that we are strongly protesting against the merger of Civil/Electrical/Arch. wings executives at SSA level because one Executive Engineer will be reporting to one SSA Head and will work for 4-5 SSAs, which will adversely affect day to day work of all the SSAs and CE/SE will not have any control on these executives directly. On this issue, we had met ED(NB) who told that he has already submitted a proposal to CMD, BSNL to stop this merger in view of practical difficulties.

    Regarding consideration of Para 8 transfers of JTOs from hard tenure circles he informed that about 60-70 JTOs, circles have already considered para-8 transfers but the hard tenure circles are yet to consider in view of shortage. AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released order  regarding Modification in the guidelines in transfer to Soft Tenure areas in BSNL Com S B Nanannavar Veteran leader, Com Sreekantan,President,RTTC branch,Com Sateesh DS,RTTC branch, Com  Vijayakumar, DP Mobile services, Com Ramegowda DS Mandy TD,Com Gnanananda, DS Hassan TD and Com Prasant  Gaurav,ACS,AIGETOA KTK were attended the GB.Com R A Manjunath AS-III ,is arranged SPl GB in very grand manner. Com B C Gundar president gave vote of thanks.

  • Shri Hari Shankar,AIGETOA KTK CWC Member has addressed the gathering on BSNL Day celebration in circle office.

    Shri Hari Shankar,CWC Member has addressed the gathering on BSNL Day celebration in circle office,bangalore

    Shri Hari Shankar,CWC Member given the respectable words toCGM,PGM(EB),GM(admin),seniors ,other colleagues and wished the “Happy BSNL Day” to all.He has congratulated from AIGETOA side to 3 employees who received the vishist sanchar shree padak by CGM,Karnataka.After that he has started the  views on how BSNL can be revived & he focused on mainly three points:

    1-We should feel proud as a BSNL employee because organization has given the employment & socail status to all of us.In that context today first everybody should wish “Happy BSNL day” to other colleagues,family & friends as we do for other occasions like new year,valentine day etc.
    2-Then he told to improve the customer interaction.Since today our marketing team has launched two  new mobile  plans(SV-49 &SV-89) in that regard he says that each one of us should tell this information to some customers like our neighbors.
    3-In last he has stressed on improving our intra team coordination within the BSNL. Since any service to customer is given by combining many teams so by improving that we can improve the service.He has requested to CGM sir to take some decision in this regard.
  • Joint Meeting by AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA Karnataka Circle on 29 Sep 2014

    Dear Friends

    Joint Meeting by AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA Karnataka Circle held at BG East (Banaglore NOC) – Biggest  morale boost to all executives of BSNL

    AIGETOA  TEAM Led by  Shri R.P Shahu GS CHQ

     Shri Manjunath CWC member 

    Shri Harishankar Tiwari CWC member

    Shri Sundaraju  CS AIGETOA KTK

    Shri Ashok.Y shigli CP AIGETOA KTK

    Shri Jayakumar  CFS AIGETOA KTK

    Shri Manoj T.S Org Sec AIGETOA KTK

    Shri Prashanth Gaurav ACS AIGETOA KTK

    Shri Srinivas M.C. DS AIGETOA Bangalore SSA and BG East 

    Shri Nageshwar Rao Branch Sec, Shri Laxminarayan Branch President, Shri Mayank Pandey Branch Fin Sec and DRs of BG East.



    Shri Prahlad Rai (GS AIBSNLEA)

    Shri S.R.Patil AIBSNLEA Org Sec (south)

    Shri Y.S Andeli CS AIBSNLEA

    Shri Mahantesh Banakar ACS

    Shri S.R.Hiremath DS AIBSNLEA BGTD

    Direct Recruits  of BG East and AIBSNLEA members

    Executives of all over Karnataka attended and witnessed  Historical  moment of Karnataka circle two associations come together .

    The details of the historic joint session of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA at NOC, Bangalore East 

    The joint session of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA at NOC Bangalore was attended by more than 80 DRs and more than 20 Executives from AIBSNLEA side. Meeting was a grand success, as it started at 1:30 p.m. and ended at 6:30 p.m., that too because of bad light. 

    Meeting started with the melodious anthem “Vande Mataram” sung by Smt. Padmini  and Kum. Deepa.

    The Dignitaries were called on to the dias and were felicitated with memento as a token of remembrance by AIGETOA Bangalore/BG East Branch body. Thereafter we had the customary Lighting of Lamp by All the dignitaries on the dias. The dignitaries present on the dias were – Shri R.P.Shahu (GS AIGETOA), Shri Prahlad Rai (GS AIBSNLEA), Shri Sundar Raju (CS AIGETOA), Shri H Y Andheli (CS AIBSNLEA), Shri Manjunath BG (CHQ Spokesperson, AIGETOA) and Shri S R Patil (OS South, AIBSNLEA). 

    This historic joint session of “experience with exuberance” and “jubilance with calmness” at NOC Bangalore, was another pearl added into the necklace of mutual understanding between AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA. 

    CS AIGETOA Shri Sundar Raju opened the meeting with his update on the circle proceedings and assured full support of AIGETOA at all levels to strengthen the bonding with AIBSNLEA. 

    CS AIBSNLEA Shri H Y Andheli addressed the gathering and updated on the historic struggle made in past i.e 1986. Also gave firm assurance to assist AIGETOA at all levels. 

    CHQ Spokesperson AIGETOA Shri Manjunath addressed the gathering and explained the need to unite at this point of time. 

    OS (South) AIBSNLEA Shri S R Patil requested to reach each and every Executive of BSNL so that the coming referendum will create history in BSNL.

    GS AIBSNLEA Shri. Prahlad Rai addressed the gathering and detailed on the three main issues of DRs i.e. Pay, Pension and Promotion in depth. GS assured his full commitment towards the settlement of long pending issue of DRs. His speech has ignited hope in the hearts of all. GS briefed DRs on the forthcoming referendum and need to have a single executive association. GS explained the power of negotiation that will follow post becoming number one executive association. 

    GS AIGETOA Shri R P Shahu addressed the gathering and explained the need of uniting. He briefed as to why AIGETOA was formed? And what individual has achieved because of joining AIGETOA? Achievements are that as on date each and every person in BSNL knows that what are the basic rights of DRs? Be it management, any other association or DRs themselves. This, in itself is a very big achievement. Further GS explained why to go in this referendum with AIBSNLEA. GS explained that after observing the background of other associations, we came to a conclusion that AIBSNLEA is the one, because they are  comprised of 10 different association and issues of all the employee under their umbrella has been addressed. Further GS explained understanding is always a mutual process in which two parties has to agree. Hand that came ahead for betterment of DRs was picked i.e. AIBSNLEA. GS tried to clear the myth created in minds of all, that this company is going to close and cleared how management is putting fear into the minds of employee. GS explained in details what is meant by affordability of company, what is meant by profit and loss of the company? He gave an overview of 5Ps (i.e. Pay, Pension, Promotion, Perks and Performance). At the last but not the least GS recapitulated the historic August agitation and part played by NOC during management negotiation meeting. GS thanked each and every DRs of NOC, because of whom the entire course of the negotiation meeting with the management changed. 

    A beautiful song “Sangathan Gaadhe Chalo “ was sung by Shri Rajesh and Shri Anup and music was given by Shri Ananth C. R. 

    Meeting ended with an interactive session of members with both the GS. All the queries were answered in detail and to the fullest satisfaction of the member, but satisfactions are always individual perceptions.

    Vote of Thanks was proposed by Shri Chandran Thomas. 

    Compered by Shri Prashant Gaurav ACS AIGETOA KTK