Lunch Hour Demonstration held in a Grand Fashion at KTK Circle Office

In keeping with the United Forum’s agitation programme called for at CHQ level, the Karnataka United Forum of BSNL executives organised a massive Lunch Hour Demonstration at the Karnataka Circle Office, Bangalore.

It was heartening to see the leaders of all three major executive associations – AIBSNLEA, SNEA and AIGETOA come together and motivate all executives irrespective of their affiliation. About 200 executives from all over Bangalore enthusiastically participated by their vocal sloganeering. The fact that they were standing for more than an hour patiently listening to the leaders updating on the issues and need for further agitations to meet our legitimate demands shows their seriousness.

Shri. Chandran, ACS AIGETOA KTK, appraised the gathering of the 3 issues for which the United Forum as called for the agitation. At the outset he thanked our sister associations, AIBSNLEA and SNEA for their whole-hearted support to AIGETOA in having this joint struggle. He mentioned that in the last struggle, as the efforts were fragmented, the results have also been fragmented. He

Shri. Nagavi, CS SNEA KTK, spoke at length on the issues faced by executives have been kept pending by the management citing one reason on the other. He spoke of the past struggles and mentioned that youngsters in BSNL should realise that it is only through struggles that issues are resolved.

Shri. Hiremath, CS, AIBSNLEA KTK mentioned that the demands are kept to the bare minimum and the management can no longer resort to dividing the executives and keep the issues pending. He motivated the gathering with his energetic sloganeering.

Shri Sundar Raju, CS AIGETOA KTK, thanked the leaders and members of our sister associations for their support. He appraised the gathering of the upcoming agitation programmes.