As per the assurance given by CMD, BSNL in response to the notice for the organizational program, meeting is held in the chamber of CMD BSNL and in the presence of Director (HR) on dated 13.07.2015 from 1500 hrs to 16:30 hrs. GS AIBSNLEA, FS AIBSNLEA, GS AIGETOA, AGS AIGETOA and one representative of AIGETOA BSNL CO Sh Vivek Kumar Singh participated in the meeting. Meeting lasted for about 1.5 hrs. 

While initiating discussion CMD mentioned that mainly he has convened this meeting to discuss and understand the pending HR issues of our demands that’s why he had called Director (HR) only. At the outset CMD had discussed regarding viability of BSNL and specifically about night calling and All India Roaming free scheme recently launched by BSNL and appealed to united forum to grab this opportunity to increase the customer base and revenue for BSNL for which forum has assured full cooperation and effort in field. 

Almost all the issues were discussed in brief and received very positive response from CMD and Director (HR) both. Director (HR) has advised to discuss only four issues of our demands in each meeting for resolution. The next meeting will be held with Director (HR) involving concern GMs on 16th July-2015 at 12:00 hrs and further meetings will continue till the discussion/resolution of all the issues mentioned in the agitation notice. The detail of the today’s discussion will be uploaded shortly. 

We understand that our all the HR issues are on right track and definitely be resolved in due time. As our CMD and Director (HR) are showing full concern with our legitimate HR issues, we assured him to work overtime to grab the customers and revenue for the revival of BSNL. Recently our CMD has taken some bold decisions of free night calling and All India free roaming due to which customer perception has changed positively towards BSNL which is required to be en-cashed by giving wide publicity through organizing Melas, media publicity, providing immediate NTCs on demand, removal of faults within three hours, increasing up time of BTSs, monitoring of franchisees outlets, improving customer service centers, immediate resolution of billing and other complaints etc. To ensure successful implementation of above all the Circles/District branches of Forum of BSNL unions/associations must conduct joint meetings and to meet respective Circle/SSA heads for providing adequate resources/help.