All India vise president Shri. Lakshman have addressed the meeting of Circle and district body meeting held on 16.04.2015. The following CHQ, Circle and SSA body members were present.

1) Shri. Manjunath BG, All India spokes person

2) Shri. Harishanker Tiwari, CWC Member

3) Shri. Ashok Y Shigli, Circle president

4) Shri. Sundar Raju, Circle Secretary

5) Shri.Basavaraj K, Circle vice president

6) Shri. Prashanth Gourav, Ast. Circle secretary

7) Shri. Chita Nagaraju, Ast. Circle secretary and DS Bellary

8) Shri. Kishore Reddy, DS Raichr

9) Shri. Rahul Agarwal, DS Belgaum

10) Shri. Srinivas kumar, DS Bangalore

Discussed about the SSA and Circle issues in detail and next course of action to be taken resolve these issues.

Shri. Lakshman have expressed his concern about the SSA working in sending representation against MT recruitment. He has requested all the DR’s to submit the representation as early possible. Also he informed the positive improvement in the corporate office about the Pay parity and 30% Superannuation benefit.

All the Members have met Shri. Gundanna C K, Forum convenor Karnataka  circle and discussed about the upcoming strike on 21st and 22nd of April 2015.