AIGETOA KTK CEC Held at NTB on 18.01.2015

Dear Friends

AIGETOA KTK CEC Held at NTB  on 18/01/2015

Agenda points discussed sent to all  Circle/District body members.

CS Sundaraju Explained plan of activities to be performed all  coming days

lunch hour Demo,Indefinite Dharana at Corporate office, Save BSNL Complain as per  last meeting held at Circle office.

CWC Members Harishankar tiwari Explained lunch hour demonstration against victimization GS R.P Shahu jee all DRs of Karnataka attend in full strength lunch Hour demonstration 20/1/2015  at Circle office/SSA.

CP Ashok Y Shigli Submitted Audit Report of AIGETOA KTK( in the Absence of CFS )last three years and same is sent to all Circle/District body members.

status of LDCE Coaching classes discussed appreciated Coaching activities regularly at NTB/BG East.

 some JTOs outside Bangalore and New interested fro attending LDCE Coaching classes  regular classes one week WEF 25.01.2014  can send Details to


All DRs of Karnataka appreciated AIGETOA KTK  diary 2015  ”Good quality ,important information ,AIGETOA Circle body extends  special thanks to AIGETOA AP Circle for supporting  and printing  diary within time.