AIGETOA KTK BGTD Meet 6.01.2012

AIGETOA KTK BGTD Meeting held at NTB

1.CS Manjunath BG Congratulated AIGETOA CHQ Team for solving long pending issues.
like Trade union facility to AIGETOA,Solving pay anomalies of DR-JTO/DR-JAOs after 2006,LDCE Notification.

2.CP ASHOK Y SHIGLI detailed the members of AIGETOA increased in last 6 months,BGTD,Mobile service,Circle office,STR good faith on AIGETOA.Most of SSA are shown interest to conduct meeting coming days.

3.CFS Mr Jayakumar briefed financial position of karnataka circle.Some of members not deposited/contribution not transfered to circle account deposit as early as possible.

4.All members insisted conduct coaching classes to members for LDCE. CS discussed and decided to conduct coaching class for every sunday 10 am at NTB.

5.AIGETOA KTK supplying 2012 diary to all members.Members are requested to collect from NTB CS/CFS,Org Sec.