UAN ( Universal Account Number) of EPF of Circle office DRs

Dear Friends

After persuation of AIGETOA Team CS and Branch Sec Circle office Mr MACHERLA PRADEEP KR  and Circle office UAN ( Universal Account Number) of EPF Today received.

UAN is allotted to all contributors of Employees’ Provident Fund by the EPF Office to capture KYC details of its members in order to eliminate the dependency on the employer and improve the quality of service

A list of all EPF members of Circle Office and their KYC details are being published in Karnataka Intranet

Request you all to go through the list and confirm to the undersigned by 05th September, 2014 for uploading in EPF Website  


                                                                                            Accounts Officer (Cash)/O/O CGMT, BG.

Click Here for  UAN numbers.PYKRP0035363000_uan_allotment_details.

epf uan details

All District body members meet your AO and peruse at SSA levl