R P Shahu GS AIGETOA and VP Abhishek Choudary speech in the Joint Open Session.

Dear Friends

Address by Com. R P Shahu GS AIGETOA in the Joint Open Session of
AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA at Hyderabad on 23.8.2014
Com. R P Shahu GS AIGETOA at the outset thanked the AP unit of AIBSNLEA &
AIGETOA for making such wonderful arrangement for the meeting. He mentioned that
after a gap, all the executives are trying to come together with the BSNL management.
He mentioned that the friends joined in other PSUs are asking why the executives are
going on strike in BSNL. Some of the demands we raised are not even within the
purview of BSNL Board. Many policies are finalized by DPE which cannot be
negotiated by the BSNL management. He mentioned that his words may be considered
as words of senior citizen, as he has noticed that as and when he demands something,
there is a feeling amongst the officers that he young and cannot teach the seniors. We
have sold out life to BSNL. 30% fitment benefit which is decided by the DPE is not
implemented for the last 3 years. Senior level officers at BSNL are being paid for taking
the decision and the middle management is being paid to implement the decision.
Hence, if the officers who are being paid by the BSNL for taking decision are not taking
any decision is not discharging their duties. He demanded that while deducting the pay
for the striking period, the procedures are not followed. Committees are formed for the
last more than three years and not reaching to any decision. When non-executives are
having LCM/JCM, executive associations do not have any such facility. Digital
signature has not been implemented for EPF transfer due to which the EPF are not
being transferred on transfer of the officers. We appreciate that the BSNL management
is very good as they came from the Engineering background. The grievances of the
officers are to be settled on merit basis not on the basis of the strength. Executives
should not be compelled to go on strike, the grievances are to be settled on getting the
case in writing.
He demanded that as per the guidelines of the DPE, staff grievance officers are to be
posted in any of the SSA throughout the country, so that the grievances of the officers
are settled in a reasonable time. The lower level officers are being treated as mazdoors
by their seniors. Instructions are given on SMS and if not implemented, disciplinary
action is initiated. He mentioned that as and when anything is demanded the
management is mentioning that the BSNL is in loss. He has explained his own position
and experience and how he is being treated by the seniors. He has also mentioned that
the manpower management in the BSNL is very much poor. Unless the manpower
management is done in a proper way and the work force is utilized in an effective way,
BSNL cannot grow.
He demanded prompt decision by the BSNL management. HR head should be the
advocate of the employees, however in BSNL, HR management is trying their level best
to not implement any orders benefitting the employees. He demanded that regular
meeting should be held by the management with the representatives of the
associations; as the management cannot be listen to everyone. In many cases, the
decisions taken by the BSNL management are one sided.
He stated that at present either the BSNL is PSU or is Govt. There is absolute mismanagement
in the field offices. He demanded that the executives may be treated as
officers so that respect can be commanded by the seniors, so that together we can
achieve better result for the BSNL.

Comm. Abhishek Choudary, Vice President, CHQ, AIGETOA has extended his
sincere gratitude for giving an opportunity to address the gathering. He mentioned that
this type of open session gives an opportunity to believe that executives are part of the
organizations. There is difference between non-executives associations and executions
are that non-executives association has representation in all field with bargaining power,
whereas executives association being part of the management gets such occasion to
address their grievances before the management. He mentioned that management has
to take the opinion of the executives before some policy is made. Executives
associations have been making their problems aware of the management in the past
also. Now, BSNL management has decided to give a formal platform to the executive
association by way of referendum. He mentioned that the majority association should
take care of all the executives then only the purpose of the referendum will be served.
He mentioned that after analyzing for the 14 years of the working of various
associations, it has been found that AIBSNLEA is truly representing all the disciplines of
executives; thereby AIGETOA has decided to join hands with AIBSNLEA.