EPFO has launched a Universal Account Number (UAN) driven Member Portal to provide a number of facilities to its members through a single window. Member has to activate his/her registration to avail various facilities such as UAN card download, member passbook download, updation of KYC information, listing all his/her member ids to UAN, file and view transfer claim. As of now, only active members, for whom employer has uploaded the Electronic Challan-cum-Return for the  wage month of Jan 2014 onwards (who have been allotted UAN) would be able to register themselves on UAN driven Member Portal. For registration, member has to obtain UAN from his/her employer alongwith member ID. Member’s mobile number would be required to activate registration.

Circle Secretaries should act on the same in their respective Circle for early submission of KYC details and early circulation of UAN.

User Manual UAN Functions. Click here for Manual

Letter by EPFO regarding Allotment of Universal Account Number to every contributing member registered on ECR portal and subsequent seeding of KYCs. Click here for letter

GS AIBSNLEA, OS (North) AIBSNLEA alongwith, VP AIGETOA Shri Mantosh Kumar and CWC Member AIGETOA Shri Shubhendu Sharma met GM (SR), Sh. Neeraj Verma. Meeting lasted more than an hour and various issues were discussed at length:

  • Membership verification: It was insisted from the association side to conduct an unbiased election for the executive association. As this is an organisation and voters are related with each other in many counts thus such influence may have rippling effect against the spirit and motto of referendum. We pleaded that the secrecy and transparency should be remain prime most factors in the ensuing referendum process. GM (SR) assured to look into the matter.

  • Superannuation benefits to BSNL recruited Executives:Association side has reiterated that 30% superannuation benefits must be extended to all direct recruits of BSNL for their social security. It was conveyed to GM (SR) that these benefits are for direct recruits only and he insisted for some documentary support in this regard to further strengthen the case. We pleaded that the case is very genuine in nature and the time has came that the case should be resolve in true spirit. GM (SR) assured to look into the matter and advised to have discussions with GM (Estt.) and GM (CA) BSNL CO on this issue.

  • Salary refund in various circles: It was suggested to initiate affirmative move like salary refund during agitation period to induce synergy among the workforce. Association has pointed out that salary cut process was not implemented in uniformity leading to huge financial loss to few persons, refunding of salary may prove a confidence building measure. GM (SR) assured to look into the matter.

  • Implementation of Standard pay scale i.e. E-2, E-3: As DPE has rejected the non standard E1A, E2A pay scale and the same has been endorsed by DoT to BSNL. BSNL management has left with no other options rather implementing E2, and E3 for JTOs and SDEs. GM (SR) was convinced but mentioned that Government should consider payment of pension contribution on actual basic instead of highest of the pay scale and suggested to take up the issue with Establishment cell.

  • Inter circle transfer (Rule- 8) cases: Association side has emphasized to settle the long pending Rule- 8 cases. Lighting up the issue association pointed out that out of 34000 sanctioned strength of JTOs only around 14000 is the current working strength, which leads about 62% shortage of JTOs at national level. It is essential to discover some ways for proper induction of manpower rather than harassing executives who are in need. Shortage can not be the region to turn down a genuine request as lesser induction may be a policy decision to reduce operating expenses in a particular time frame. GM (SR) appreciated our concern and mentioned that new JTO RR 2014 and new TTA RR 2014 may sort out the problem.

  • Payment of the Honorarium to the Trainers at SSA level:We demanded to issue the orders to the field units for the release of the honorarium to the identified trainers at SSA Level for implementing the HOCC agenda skill set improvement training at SSA level. GM (SR) assured to look into the matter.


GS writes to CMD BSNL for formation of Staff Grievance Officers and Redressal Committee at SSA, Circle and Corporate level. Click here for letter

This is statutory provision for CPSE as ordered by DPE. BSNL CO has issued order on appointment of Staff Grievance officer at SSA level in year 2004 but it is yet to be functional in field units. If this had been functional in field units our 100% individual grievance would have been resolved in time bound manner. This association has taken up this issue very seriously and will ensure 100% implementation in field units.