Coordination committee of Bidar SSA formed.

Dear Friends

All the members Bidar SSA of both AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA association are gathered at conference hall on 24-07-2014 at 17:30 hrs. Discussed the issues related to the both associations. Specially we discussed on Rule-8 transfer cases and Pending HR related issues of DRs.

Both associations are agreed to work together on any kind of issues. The joint Coordination committee has been formed with the following members.

  1. Shri   Venkat Zille, AO (AIBSNLEA)                             District President, JAC
  2.  Shri   K Rambabu,  JTO (AIGETOA)                             District Secretory, JAC
  3. Shri     K Shivraj SDE   (AIBSNLEA)                               District  Tresurer, JAC
  4. Shri   K Gangaiah,  JTO (AIGETOA)                              Executive Member
  5. Shri   K  Bhim Reddy, JTO (AIBSNLEA)                        Executive Member
  6. Shri  D VeeraShetty , SDE   (AIBSNLEA)                      Executive Member
  7. Shri Kasinath Konda, SDE   (AIBSNLEA)                      Executive Member
  8. Shri Komaraiah, JTO (AIGETOA)                                 Executive Member
  9. Shri Srinivasa Rao Gandepalli, , JTO (AIGETOA)       Executive Member