AIGETOA meeting at circle office Sr. GM (Admin/HR).

AIGETOA CP,CS,Org Sec,ACS,VP had  meeting with Sr GM(HR/Admin) long pending issues. Sr GM(Admin) discussed issues   in detail given positive assurance solve as early as possible. 

1)Rule-8 cases (Inter circle transfer) of KTK circle, most of the DR JTOs/SDEs have completed more than 10 years in KTK Circle, since last 2 years the list has not moved pls, kindly intervene to rearrange from SSAs and genuine cases may be disposed like spouse cases:

After long discussion on  the issue Sr GM(Admin) assured this year Karnataka circle  planned to relive JTOs after verification of waiting list.

2)Request transfer of JTOs/JAOs and SDEs within and outside SSAs are pending, most of the SSAs are not forwarding the request and not entertaining transfers within the SSA.

Circle office already issued order to all SSA maintain  register of request transfer send to circle.Regular transfer list on final stage and will be issued in the month of march.

3) Mutual transfer cases of JTOs are pending for more than one year.All the cases will be disposed off at the earliest.

4) E2-E3 time bound scale up gradation to 2001 and 2002 batch (corporate office order to be implemented):

Last week 78 JTOs order issued aand 2nd list of   54 JTOs order is being finalised and expecting order on Monday.

5) Refund of security deposits after completion of 5 years of service for 2005 batch/Confirmation of JTOs completed two years service.

All JTOs who have completed  2 years of regular service ,  confirmation order have to be issued and for JTOs who have completed 5 Years refund of security deposit order to be issued at the earliest.

The Sr. GM (Admin) admitted that such regular cases are disposed as and when those came to him. 

6)The EPF office is implementing online facility for balances and other query, kindly ensure that form 3 and 6A is submitted regularly from our end.

Already informed to all AOs in this matter.

7)Regular maintenance of Staff Quarters has to be taken care of: Instruction to be given to PGM BGTD.