AIGETOA KTK Team met Sr GM(Admn/HR) at circle office.

Dear all

AIGETOA KTK CP ASHOK Y SHIGLI, CS Manjunath ,CP, ACS Sundaraju met Sr GM(Admin) and discussed the issues of karnataka circle.

1.EPF statement of circle office:Assured meeting with Circle office AO and solve issue as early as possible.

2.E2-E3 Up grdation of left out JTO/SDEs.: 2nd List ready within this week.

3.Request transfer list of JTOs/JAOs all over Karnataka.All list of general transfer in the month of march issued on the basis of requirement.

4.JTOs Transfer from within SSA/other SSA. Administration already issued letter to all SSA maintain waiting list.

5.Refund of security deposit JTOs Raichur SSA.Already informed to concerned section solve issue.