• Waiting List of JTOs of Karnataka circle seeking Rule-8 oneway out going transfer to other Circles published

    Dear All

    As per AIGETOA KTK persuasion, waiting list for Rule 8 published.

    (Waiting List of JTOs of Karnataka Circle seeking Rule-8 oneway out going transfer to other circles)

    If any discrepancies in WL, give representation in writing within 15 days  to Circle Office.

    Rule-8 WL as on 30.06.2017


  • Releving of JTO Through ERP.

    Dear All

    1.JTOs transferred on rule 8/intera circle not relived by SSA due various reasons

    AIGETOA Letter submitted CGMT: Letter to CGMT c 2017-06-15

    circle administration relived through ERP.:ERP relieving

    2.AIGETOA BGTD DS and ADS DVP had meeting with PGM Bgtd and GM admin

    regarding early posting of JTOs,EPF traning period ,OFC mtc and devlp work to improve revenue.

    3.All Circle and district body members are requested collect membership form of new members.

    submit to AO by july 15 2017.


    Salary deduction format AIGETOA Subcription deduction form salary


  • AIGETOA BGTD Meeting with PGM BGTD .

     Mrs Pallavi DS BGTD Mr Vamsi ADS BGTD, Mrs Mouni ADS BGTD, CP Ashok Y.Shigli met PGM BGTD, GM Admin BGTD and discussed the following points
    1) Confirmed PGM that all rule8 and Intracircle transfers will be relieved by 14:00Hrs through ERP 
    2) Transfers of JTOs within BGTD rural to urban, urban to urban
    GM(Admin) assured that all the requests are considered and posting orders will be issued shortly.
    3) Posting of incoming JTOs and rules management is following
    GM(Admin) confirmed that options from all the incoming JTOs will be considered and postings will be done as per gradation list(all DRs are ahead in gradation list).
    4) Tender to be floated for Metro works in Bangalore.
    PGM assured that he will look into it immediately.
    5) Training period EPF
    GM(Admin) assured that he will discuss this matter with EPFO and do it ASAP.
    6) Forwarding of request transfer letters to other SSA/circles. We requested forword all applications of JTO/SDE appiled for request transfer.