• Meeting with Shri.M.V.Angadi,DGM(Admin/HR) KTK circle

    Victory celebration program was conducted at auditorium circle office Bangalore by AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA and united forum leaders congratulated staff of Karnataka circle office.

    Later Circle secretaries of United forum Shri.Sundar Raju and Shri.S.K. Hiremath met Shri.M.V.Angadi, DGM(Admin/HR) Karnatka circle  on 16.12.2016 and discussed about publishing of latest Rule08 waiting list and intra circle transfer request waiting list in Karnataka intranet site. Also discussed about the training and posting of LICE passed New JTOs and Relieving of JTOs to other circles on Rule-08 Transfer on 1:1 basis.

  • MV over, we get back to work now….

    Dear Friends,

    First of all, I thank all of you for voting for the UF comprising of AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA and AITEEA.we thanks is also due to all who participated in the voting process, including our friends who did not cast their vote in our favour. We respect their individual opinion and understand that their personal issues may have come to the front instead of cadre issues.

    Now let us all again concentrate on our duties which is our prime responsibility. For more than a month nearly all BSNL staff were busy with MV. Let us now hope for a resolution of our issues and let us put all out efforts to strengthen BSNL and bring in the profits in the days to come.





    All are requested to verify the name in the final voters list enclosed below:

    click here for the document Electoral list as on 29.11.2016 Both wise

  • AIGETOA Members are Requested not belive on false information.

    It’s informed to all DRs of Karnataka circle.

    28.11.2016: SNEA is spreading rumours that AIGETOA members have joined them.

    They are not member of AIGETOA, a mature associations will not do such things ( spreading  false information) to attract  DRs.

    DRs of Karnataka are wise enough and also intelligent enough to decide who are the well wishers of Direct recruits.

  • Glimpse of Shri Ravishil Verma GS AIGETOA CHQ Address at MPLS NOC,BGEAST,Bangalore

    IMG-20161130-WA0027 IMG-20161130-WA0042 IMG-20161130-WA0052 IMG-20161130-WA0057 IMG-20161130-WA0060 IMG-20161130-WA0065 IMG-20161130-WA0067 IMG-20161130-WA0068 IMG-20161130-WA0069 IMG-20161130-WA0070 IMG-20161130-WA0071 IMG-20161130-WA0072

    All india General secretary Shri.Ravisheel verma addressed the meeting and he explained in detail about the points

    1) why we have formed association in the year 2005:  only to resolve our EPF issues because that time EPF issues were neglected by the JTO association

    2) E2-E3 for JTO/JAO and SDE/AOs: He clearly said that AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA request is only to replace E2 to JTO/JAO and E3 for SDE/AOs without keeping Post 2007 recruited executives in E3 for 10 Years. SNEA stand is all post 2007 recruited JTOs  shoud not reach E4 in 10 years, so keep all young DRs in E3 for 10 Years.

    3)SAB: He said it is our right to get 30% superannuation benifits so out stand is 12% pension contribution to all BRs.

    4) MT/DGM: It is the AIGETOA stopped Management Trainee Recruitment in the Year 2008, 2009 and later  in the year 2013 and 2014. our vision is to implement CPSE cadre Hierarchy in BSNL and to promote and provide dignity to internal talent and all BSNL executives will get Promotion as per the their performance and reach to the post of CMD.

    He has assured that all the above issues will be resoved within three months after the MV.