• Appeal to District body and Direct recruits of Karnataka Circle: Important Work to be Performed in Time Bound Frame (Most Urgent )

    Dear All

    AIGETOA District’s body members and Direct recruit Executives of karnataka circle.



    •  All District Secretaries must get the AIGETOA District account should audit up to financial year 2013-14. They must send the Xerox copy of audit report for last financial years to Shri Jayakumar CFS AIGETOA KTK, SDE(MS), 2nd Floor CMX Buildining Bangalore 01.


    • All individual direct recruits’ executives  existing/new membersm must again fill the online membership application form and New membership Form Hard copy submit the same to district secretary of their area/Branch/SSA. (Payment detail of membership fee may be kept blank for existing paid members).
    • Click here for membershipmembership  form (in pdf) & Click here for membership form (in doc).


    • All Un-paid Members must pay their dues if any to District Account for the period up to july-14 . Submit online membership  application form and Hard copy to DS/CS AIGETOA. 


    • All Circle Body member/District body members must collect the duly field membership application   form all DRs alonwith two passport size photo from every individual and DS Signiture Send Hard copy to CS AIGETOA KTK. 


    • Formation  of Co-ordination committee meeting  at all SSA with AIBSNL EA.
  • AIGETOA Bangalore meeting was held at NTB conference hall on 8th of August 2014

    Dear friends
    AIGETOA Bangalore SSA  was attended by  DS Chandran,DP Lata jain,CP,ACS,office bearers and active members of Bangalore SSA,NGN Unit,MPLS NOC
    The meeting began with the enumeration of the agenda points already circulated on mail. DS Shri. Chandran welcomed the gathering. 
    The recent procedures for membership were discussed. CP Shri. Ashok Shigli said all members submit online and hard-copy with 2 photographs is to be collected from all members for onward submission to CHQ. The target date to complete this is 16th August 2014. 
    There were some mis-givings expressed on the need to membership Form/submit account/PAN number of the individual members. This was clarified by ACS Shri. Prashant that this information is needed for the registration authorities of Haryana Government and that there is no other intention in asking for these details from each individual member. 
    The opinion at the ground-level of our MoU with AIBSNLEA for the upcoming referendum was discussed as brought up by our Circle Org sec Shri. Manoj and DP Smt. Lata Jain.
     In return for our support in the referendum, AIBSNLEA has agreed to take up our issues at all level. This was clarified by ACS Shri Prashant and DS Shri. Chandran.
    DP Smt. Lata Jain mentioned that the new PGM visited her section - TNMC. He was keen to have the transmission network of BGTD monitored from his office and to ensure that all routes are in ring. It is urged upon all members to support our new PGM in streamlining BGTD operations. Individual issues of members will be taken up shortly. 
    A district conference is planned in the 2nd week of September. CP Shri Ashok Shigli mentioned that our GS is likely to participate in the conferance  and urged all DRs/Office bearers  of Bangalore unit start preparation. 
    ACS Shri. Prashant Gaurav updated us on the progress of issues at the Circle level. His tireless efforts with the support of our CS Shri Sundar Raju has borne fruit in that an intra-cirle transfer list has been released recently. Other issues such as E1-E2 TBP and Rule 8 cases are also being pursued. Due to the momentum that AIGETOA KTK has generated, our web-site is being watched and analysed DRs of all over Karnataka irrespective associations,good sign we are progressing reaching minds/hearts of DRs. 
    CP Shri. Ashok Shigli informed that EPF statements of BGTD are ready for the collection from Accounts section and He also urged Bangalores SSA DRs that all un-paid members are be converted to paid  members  soon. 
    The meeting ends with thanks proposed by DS  AIGETOA  BANGALORE Shri. Chandran


  • Membership Form submission all DRs of Karnataka.

    Dera Frinds

    As per AIGETOA CHQ we need to send all membership Form to CHQ by 20.08.2014 from Karnataka circle. All District body members are requested to send membership  reach Bangalore by 16.08.2014. The hard copy of membership form( all two pages) in original duly signed by member and District Secretary along with two photographs one pasted and other stapled for identity card.

    Some of queries revived from members

    1.Already paid members need again Form. Yes all paid members submit online/Hard copy submit to DS by 16 Aug 2014

    2.All the DRs monthly subscription by salray/Cash/Cheque/Directly circle/CHQ .

    3.Where DRs  few numbers AIGETOA Body not done DRs directly submit membership to circle/CHQ.

    4.All District body submit account details (Membership register/Account details upto 31 July

    By  2014 by 16 Aug 2014.



    8th August, a historic day for AIGETOA.

    Just look behind one year, We all remember this day as a sign of unity among direct recruits irrespective of cast, creed and batches. Many would ask what did we achieve out of this unity? Friends, protest and agitation is not to achieve result on the floor of agitation but it just to show our commitment and highlight the genuineness of our demands. Success of any agitation and protest is not measured in terms of immediate outcome on the floor but it is measured in terms of participation of members, showing our unity, highlighting the genuineness of demands and pushing the demands upwards in the priority of resolution.

    No one can deny that this association had been able to achieve all these things with all of your support. Top management of BSNL including boards of director have first time realized not only the genuineness of our issues but also the importance of direct recruits for survival of BSNL. Struggle is continues process till the achievement of justice and we will keep it on in one or other form. Once again, congratulation to all of you for making this day as sign of unity among direct recruits in BSNL and showing our commitment and struggle against injustice

  • DoPT Case : Facts We Should Know

    DoPT Case Facts to Think About
    1. The case is fought by 6 leading advocates for Promotees and 1 advocate for Direct Recruits but still promotees couldn’t get a favorable order. With so much resources why cant they get a favourable order if not for Justice being on the side of DRs?
    2. The Court ordered BSNL to submit All India Eligibility list following DoPT guidelines before any further promotions to SDE, to which BSNL has not responded for the past one year under pressure from Promotees. What are they hiding ?
    3. The main argument of Promotees is that the delay caused by the Case would do permenant damage to JTOs nearing retirement, while at the same time they force managment from submitting Eligibility list in Court ,which in turn is the real reason for the delay in promotions. Why the double standards ?

    Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) is the department of the Central Government bestowed with the authority to issue guidelines which control the Promotion and Training rules of PSUs under Central Government Control.

    According to DoPT guidelines in any Cadre in a PSU where there is appointment through two streams ie via Direct Recruitment and via Promotion , the relative seniority should be done keeping a ratio of 1:1 for Direct Recruits and Promotees.


    When the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 Provisional Gradation list were published, the First BSNL Direct Recruited official was placed at around 7000 ! while DoPT would have positioned him at 2nd Position !!. The Final Gradation List was never prepared or circulated, which itself is a big violation of DoPT/Natural Justice.

    DRs decided act against this injustice & at Chennai they filed a Case in the Hon Chennai CAT under AIGETOA banner. In the mean time, A roster case ( for reservation roster ) was also made in Hon Chennai CAT for the list 2008-09 ; and both these cases made the Wrong Gradation list of 2008-09 & 2009-10 inoperative .

    The DoPT case after remaining in Court for almost 2 year was dismissed on the following technical grounds.

    1) The DR JTOs hadn’t first given a representation to the Management.

    2) The DR JTOs had challenged the Chennai Circle gradation list.

    3) They had ‘slept over their rights’ for a long time as the irregularity had happened as early as 2000 but they had gone for the case only by about 2009


    Immediately after the re-publishing of 2009-10 Gradation List ; some of our Colleagues in Kerala who were in the list had immediately given representation to Management (Director HR) siting the injustice that was done to Direct Recruits by the management by not following the DoPT Guidelines and the Procedure followed by BSNL. Having not received any response from the Management in the prescribed time they immediately without delay filed a Case in the Hon Ernakulam CAT & challenged the 2009-10 list also.

    BSNL had not appeared in several of the hearings. Consequent to the legal proceedings On 18.04.2013 the Hon Ernakulam CAT had directed the BSNL Management to prepare a list based on DoPT Guidelines & legeal orders which they hadn’t been able to do till date. It was also directed not to make any promotions from the challenged list without the Hon court’s consent.

    Now one of the associations – which claims to take care of the interests of both Promotees and Direct Recruits equally well – is moving fast to get the stay vacated to see their priority members (PROMOTEES) posted as SDEs to those Seniority Vacancies at the earliest, which should have been rightfully shared between Direct Recruits and Promotees equally (ie 1:1). 

    Wake up friends, The time to act is NOW. The point is not to take all this injustice sitting idle. We have to Stand up and fight for what is rightfully ours.( From aigetoa kerala)


  • Negative attitude of some of associations started against DRs Unity.

     Dear friends

    Who are well wishers and need Explanation, who trying hard to resolve issues in totality

    .GS R.P .Shahu  Message to all DRs read Why AIGETOA

    • Why AIGETOA :  Click here for GS Message

    • Who can fill this membership form: All DR executives recruited after inception of BSNL i.e. Oct-2000.

    • Subscription fee to be paid: Pay subscription of Rs 800/- (From Aug-14 to March-15) Directly to AIGETOACHQ account or Rs 100/- per month to your Circle/District account through salary/ECS before filling this form.

    • Last date: 20th Aug 2014 after this date additional amount of Rs 500/- (one time) will have to pay as membership fee.



  • Message from General Secretary.Why AIGETOA

    Dear Direct Recruits Executives of BSNL,

    All of you are well aware of the mission and vision of your association i.e. AIGETOA. Still it is felt that there are some questions in the mind of general members. The foremost question amongst them is that “what are the achievements for direct recruits so far through this platform”? This question was doing the rounds in my mind also for quite some time. Let us try to find the answer for the same.

    This association was formed in Nov-2005 with some visionary directs recruits amongst us with the vision and mission to represent the issues of direct recruits as our service conditions were very different from majority of the executives in various aspects. Whether and to what extent have we been successful? Just go through the facts mentioned herein and you will find your own answers.

    1. First achievement of AIGETOA was the stipend arrear of about Rs 14000 against revised IDA pay scale which all the 2001 and 2002 batch colleagues were paid. This was very meager amount as far as the volume is concerned but other association were not even aware about this issue due to lack of concern as their basic members were not benefitted out of it.

    2. Second achievement was the EPF contribution on full Basic+DA and resolution of various EPF anomalies for all direct recruits. Despite of clear order, most of the field units had restricted the EPF contribution on Rs 6500/- and that too with several anomalies. This issue had been raised by some individual direct recruits on the platform of other associations but was remain unaddressed. AIGETOA gave a platform to raise this issue collectively and finally most of the issues have been resolved. Most of the anomalies in maintaining EPF account are also resolved. This is the greatest achievement of this association else our social and future security was in danger. We are very much sure that we shall be able to resolve the remaining anomalies also with your support.

    3. Third achievement was 30% fitment to 2005 batch colleague. We do agree that there had been several efforts from other fronts also but initiation and raising the issue up to the level from where issue gets resolved was only possible due to existence of this association. If you go through the documents pertaining to the resolution of these issues, you will get the answer that AIGETOA was the root cause of getting this issue resolved.

    4. Retention of unjustified transfer in LDCE-2007 and conduction of LDCE-2014, bonus marks against wrong answers, declaration of result, overnight posting and retention of most of the candidates against unjustified transfer was only possible due to the existence of AIGETOA.

    5. About 1600 LDCE vacancies were diverted from LDCE quota to seniority quota which was restored only because of AIGETOA.

    6. Stopping of external MT till date and appearing in DGM exam to show our talent was only possible due to existence of this association. If external MT would have come, we would have lost our status of direct recruit executives.

    7. Management had made all the preparations for reverting some of our colleagues who got promoted citing court cases and judgments but it was the efforts of AIGETOA only which prevented management from doing this. There are various other achievement of AIGETOA which cannot be ignored like, execution of Rule-8 transfer, E1+5 as an interim benefits etc.

    8. 30% superannuation benefit, Pay parity, E2/E3 pay scale for JTO/SDE equivalent, CPSE cadre hierarchy, uniform time bound upgradation in four years etc. are some of the issue which we could not be achieved so far but these issues have already been raised by this association up to an extent from where achievement is the only destination. We do agree that resolution of these issues have taken time beyond our expectation but Come what way nobody can stop us before reaching to destination of resolution. We are fully committed to resolve these issues and we will leave no stone unturned for the same.

    9. The biggest achievement of AIGETOA is that it made us aware of our dues, our rights, our facilities. It was the deep study by our group which apprised each and every member about the injustices that are being met out to the Direct Recruits. It is the achievement of AIGETOA to prevent the management and other groups from making the direct recruits as sacrificial lambs. It is the achievement of AIGETOA that nobody dares to touch us. It is the achievement of AIGETOA that policies are being framed keeping DRs in mind. It is the achievement of AIGETOA that even other associations considers us as their most important assets.

    10. Last but not least, AIGETOA has given you the platform where we all qualified executives unite together and serve the nation maintaining self dignity and pride.

    Some individual and other associations may propagate about their role in achieving the aforementioned resolutions. Some even go the extent of claiming that they got the issue resolved over telephone and we don’t have any problems also when people are ready to buy this agreement. We do appreciate their role and support also but just think without the existence of AIGETOA was it possible? Absolutely not ! Many efforts might have worked in getting resolution of the above mentioned issues but center of all the efforts is AIGETOA. AIGETOA doesn’t believe in highlighting the efforts as individual but the fact is that whatever happens and issues are resolved because of the collective efforts of all of us, because of support of members from ground level. If our leaders are recognized, it’s because of your support otherwise the leaders are also JTOs, SDEs etc. This is the platform where some dedicated and committed members study issues, collect the data, share among each other and finally get all the justification so that efforts starts working. This is our misfortune that we are working in company where only we belong to a different category of executives and our benefits are different from other executives belonging to management cadre else most of the issues would have never created. Resolution of some of the foremost issues get delayed despite of having all the genuineness and justification, the reason behind it, is only and only that we are not consistent and have never acted all together. Personal issues and egos of some persons have also played a part in creating hurdles on the way of achievement.

    Dear direct recruit colleagues, you just decide how long we shall fight individually, in small groups, event and issue selected participation etc. when our vision and mission are same. Let us come together all at a time and give strength to your own association so that ice can be broken. It is justified to show your anger to any individual leaders of AIGETOA but it is highly unjustified to show anger with your own association. Remove the leaders who are using this association to satisfy their vested interest and personal aspiration but don’t finish this platform which is meant for your welfare.

    This association while maintaining its identity, has decided to jointly fight for the issues of executives. Let us come together and show the power of unity so that we can be identified as king makers. Some of our issues are different than basic membership of AIBSNLEA but they are not contradictory, hence we have come together. If AIBSNLEA wins the forthcoming referendum process and became the largest executives association in BSNL, it will certainly give additional strength to AIGETOA.


  • AIGETOA salutes our ACS Shri Prashant Gaurav, (Bangalore NOC)

    AIGETOA salutes our five comrades who were on hunger fast in the month of Feb-2014 and put their life on risk for common cause. These five comrades are.

    1. Sh R P Shahu, General Secretary AIGETOA

    2. Sh Ajay Kaswan, Ex Circle Secretary Punjab

    3. Sh Abhishek Jain, AGS, (Rajasthan)

    4. Sh Prashant Gaurav, (Bangalore NOC)

    5. Sh Sanjeev Kumar, Circle Body Member, New Delhi Circle

    Association has decided to honor all of them in our upcoming AGM to be held at Hyderabad on 22nd and 23rd Aug-2014. Comrades you all are cordially invited to attend the AGM. We all are proud of you.


    Dear Friends
    As per the CHQs/CIRCLE instructions of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA district body members, meet the both the association member at Conference Hall GMTD on 06.08.2014 at 05:45 p.m.
    from AIGETOA side 14 members attended ,11 members from AIBSNLEA total of 25 members. 
    The meeting was very cordial and encouraging, discussed about revival of BSNL and role of both the associations. and co-ordination committee is formed both association agreed to work together coming days.
         AIGETOA side                                          AIBSLNEA side
    1.SUNIL KUMAR .V     D.P                      1.Y.S.HEGDE     D.P
    2.VIVEKANANDA.D. NAIK  D.S           2.M.B.KULKARNI  D.S
    3.AJAY KUMAR.P Fin.Sec                      3.M.H.MASALI  Fin Sec
  • Bangalore SSA District executive Committee meeting. Friday

    Dear Friends

    Please begin assembling at NTB by 12:45hrs. All district body members should attend. Branch bodies/members are also welcome. Circle representatives in Bangalore will be present to update progress on various issues.

    Venue:- Conference Hall, NTB
    Date and time:- 8th August 2014, 13:00hrs to 14:00hrs

    Meeting agenda:-
    1.Membership registration on CHQ website status.
    2.Upcoming referendum  coordination  with AIBSNLEA
    3.Progress achieved at the Circle level
    4.Issues of Bangalore TD to be highlighted to the new PGM.

    5.Bangalore SSA District conference date and Venue finalization.

    Please note that this is the last meeting of the current district body, whose term is expiring this month on the completion of 3 years (28.08.2014). Elections are scheduled in the 1st/2nd week of September. Active participation of all Direct recruits members is solicited.