• AIGETOA KTK Wishes all Happy Pongal and Sankratri

    Makar Sankranthi Denotes Great
    Planning And Happy Beginnings!
    Daring And New Destinations!
    Success And Sweetness!
    Wish You A Great Pongal!
    Happy And Joyous Makar Sankranti!

  • Interest rate on Provident Fund deposits raised to 8.75%

    The Employees Provident Fund Organisation decided to increase the interest rate on Provident Fund deposits for 2013-14 to 8.75%.

    This is an improvement of 0.25% over the 8.5% interest rate paid last year. 

    The announcement made by labour minister Oscar Fernandes after a meeting on Monday will benefit close to eight crore subscribers.

    EPFO fixes the rate based on the interest earned on its investment and its expenses.

    Are you one of the subscribers of the EPFO? Then check your accounts online on a real-time basis by

    clicking here:http://epfoservices.in/epfo/member_balance/member_balance_office_select.php

  • AIGETOA SSA Meeting

    Dear friends

    As per AIGETOA CEC 28 & 29  Resolution NEW Delhi and Circle decision to conduct all SSA meeting  before 20th Jan 2014.

    1.Bangalore District body meeting scheduled on  10/01/2014

    Dear Friends,

          As per the decision taken in our last meeting, we are organizing our next meeting in CTO Building ,PGM office on the 10th of January 2014   (Friday) at 17:00hrs.
    The tentative agenda points are:-
    • Review of the activities at the District, Circle and CHQ levels
    • Course of action to be followed for the upcoming Hunger Strike
          All members are cordially invited. Attendance of District Body members is compulsory. Circle/CHQ/CWC members present in     Bangalore are requested to participate as special invitees.

          Looking forward to meeting you all. 

    AIGETOA  Bangalore SSA meeting held at CTO Building Conference hall.,
    CP,CS,ACS,Org Sec,CFS ,DS Bangalore SSA attended from AIGETOA.
    DRTTAs  association representatives also attended for upcoming hunger strike from 03rd Feb onwards.
    All the Circle/District  body members and DRTTAs agreed to support  at Circle level and write to GS for details of meeting
    Some of common issues both side agreed to support each other.

    2.Raichur District body meeting scheduled on 19/01/2014 .

        Details of agenda points  sent to all members by mail.

    3.AIGETOA Circle office Branch meeting planed next week.

    Circle office body finalizing date in co-coordinating with all DRs. 

  • CS Written a letter to Unions and associations of Karnataka circle seeking support.

    Dear friends

    As per GS Ravishil instruction CS submitted a letter  to the Circle Secretaries of all the unions and associations of BSNL KTK seeking support for the forth coming agitational program of AIGETOA.

    CP Ashok Y Shigli,CS Sundarraju and CWC member Mr Manjunath BG met all union and associations CS submitted a letter, all are supported our basic rights and writing letter to  CHQ.

  • AIGETOA BG EAST Minutes of meeting.

    Minutes of  meeting  of AIGETOA Bangalore East body as on 06/01/2014 

    Agenda points:

    1)       Discussion about the recent developments at CHQ level.

    2)       BG East body stand and road map ahead, on the core issues of DR recruits.

    3)       Update on the Fund status collection till December 2013.

    4)       Discussion on the recent CHQ resolution passed regarding DNW body.

    5)       Identifying of new Branch Secretary and other post, due to reshuffle of duties of different members.

    6)      Any other issues of members to be taken care off. 

    The following members from Circle/District body were present: 

    Sundar Raju                        CS AIGETOA ,KTK 

    Ashok Y Shigli                     CP AIGETOA ,KTK 

    Chandran D.T                     DS AIGETOA, BGTD 

    Hari Shankar Tiwari          CWC KTK Member, CHQ 

    Laxminarayana                  BP BG East 

    Prashant Gaurav              BS BG East 

    20 members of BG East branch were present in the meeting. 

     Welcome Speech was given by BS Shri Prashant Gaurav, and all the recent achievements of Circle were apprised to all the members.

    The following were the MoM: 

    Discussion about the recent developments at CHQ level 

    1. CWC Member Shri Hari Shankar Tiwari updated all the present members about the recent updates of CHQ.
    2. Stand of other associations were questioned and was explained in details by our Shri Hari Shankar Tiwari.
    3. Circle Secretary apprised all the members about the recent CHQ resolution. 

    BG East body stand and road map ahead, on the core issues of DR recruits. 

    1. BG East Body was standing besides all the decision and resolution taken at CHQ level, and was ready to abide by any call from CHQ/Circle
    2. CS announced volunteers who are ready to go on Hunger strike will be paid from Circle expense.

    Update on the Fund status collection till December 2013. 

    Fund till January 2014 will be collected and further steps will be taken to get the subscription charge deducted from salary slip from February onwards. 

    Discussion on the recent CHQ resolution passed regarding DNW body. 

    1. CS explained all the members that until DNW Body is not formed contribution should continue with karnataka as union subscription are blood line of any association. 
    1. Further a formal voting was conducted to observe the pulse of members regarding Bangalore DNW members going under DNW body. Almost all the members present were in favour of continuing with Karnataka Circle.

            3.   CS explained very clearly that all are AIGETOA and rift should not build between members under same organization, hence                        whatever CHQ decides all the members should follow.

    New Branch Secretary and Organizing Secretary was needed to be selected, due to reshuffle of duties of different members. 

                Shri Nageswar Rao was selected as Branch Secretary of BG East.

                Shri Karthick was selected as Organizing Secretary of BG East.

                Floor Executive for 3rd floor will be searched to assist Shri P.K Sahoo. 

    Other issues of members were: 

    1. Transfer case of JTO BBNW Smt. Rinta was discussed and CS assured to provide the solution at the earliest.
    2. BB VPN, manually billing is happening and fund flow is not getting accounted, suggestion was to integrate BB VPN with CDR. CS assured that the issue will be taken at CHQ level.
    3. CSC of our Building needs to be made as per standards. CS assures that he will take up the issue with Circle Management.
    4. Can BSNL volunteer to take the UID work of GoI? Suggestion will be given to CHQ for further approval.







  • The transformation of BSNL

    R. Dinakaran heads the Internet edition of The Hindu Business Line and writes on technology and social media

    For over a decade, I kept away from PSUs as much as I could. I had had bad experiences with both BSNL and a PSU bank, and I swore I would never ever have anything to do with PSU telecom companies and banks.

    But I kept hearing about how the two PSU behemoths were changing…and adapting to the times.

    My experience at Valparai, a hill station in Tamil Nadu, forced me to get a BSNL SIM card. I had to be without even basic mobile connectivity for two full days at Valparai, as only BSNL had services there. Our family had four SIM cards of three private telecom service providers but they were of no use.

    The purchase and activation process of the BSNL SIM card was, to my surprise, a smooth and pleasant experience. First, the process of getting a number of your choice – online. I got mine within minutes. I was told to go to the BSNL office to submit the KYC documents. The process was over – again within minutes, and the SIM went live in just an hour!

    Yesterday, I went to BSNL’s online portal to recharge it. When I proceeded to register for the prepaid recharge, I had mentally prepared myself for a tough experience. The reason: I had heard horror stories of how public sector portals functioned. But, I was once again surprised. The registration was a breeze.

    Now came the best part – the recharge process itself. As I logged in and selected the recharge voucher, the screen showed the full details of the recharge, including validity. The next screen showed my pre-paid balance and other details. The recharge was done within minutes.

    I had recharged an ISD pack. When I tried calling the international number, the call did not get through. The recorded voice asked me to contact BSNL.

    Now, I had to speak to a ‘live’ person in BSNL for the first time! After going through the usual IVR process, I selected the number for ‘Agent’ and was once again surprised when the call got connected to a ‘live’ person in just one ring. I was told to send an SMS for activating the ISD service. I asked her when it would be activated. She had the usual reply, “Within 24 hours.”

    I did not even had to wait for 24 seconds. The ISD service was activated immediately.

    We assume public sector companies will be sloppy and expect a bad experience. Of course, there were days when people dreaded entering PSU offices. My experience with BSNL a decade ago was what had prompted me to keep away from PSUs. It is heartening when we realise their level of transformation. In fact, the private sector telecom players can learn a thing or two from BSNL’s online portal.

  • As per CEC Resolution all District body Hold meeting first week every month.Send Report to Circle Urgently.

    Dear Friends,
    As per  resolution passed AIGETOA CEC Delhi All SSA/Branch hold meeting first week of every month 
    send report to Circle on urgent basis.
    AIGETOA BG EAST meeting planed today evening.
    Notice will be served by Shri Hari Shankar Tiwary to DE DNW for having a meeting at 6Th floor. Please ask one and all to attend this meeting, as each individual views are very important. Agenda points are already shared herewith.
    Agenda of the meeting :
    1 Discussion about the recent developments at CHQ level.
    2 BG East body stand and road map ahead, on the core issues of DR recruits.
    3 Update on the Fund status collection till December 2013.
    4 Discussion and voting on the recent CHQ resolution passed. regarding DNW Unit.
    5 Identifying of new Branch Secretary and other post, due to reshuffle of duties of different members.
    6 Any other issues of members.
  • As per Resolution AIGETOA CEC meeting Delhi. Karnataka circle planned meeting of District and circle body next week

    Dear friends

    As per Resolution of Central Executive Committee Meeting held on 28th & 29th Dec 2014 at New Delhi.

    ALL Circle/District bodies are requested to conduct SSA level meeting, Send report AIGETOA KTK,

    AIGETOA KTK Planned all circle and district body meeting next week details intimated through Notice.

    We  all of us remember  Entire Karnataka all DRs supported  unitedly  during dharana,Again same core issues  get our all the basic rights  by any all means.

    *  Pay Anomaly
    Who is the culprit for pay anomaly post 01-01-2007 recruitment?
    BSNL Management or 2nd PRC or DPE

    * Superannuation Benefit of 30%
    Who is the culprit for Superannuation for DR Fraternity?
    BSNL Management or 2nd PRC or DPE!.

    CEC Resolution’s

    1.)It was resolved that if BSNL management does not come out with resolution of our issues in totality in next 10 days, this association will serve the notice for indefinite hunger fast 3rd Feb-2014 on wards

    2.District body shall hold meeting of members of their district once in every month, preferably on the first Monday of the month and collect the subscription. District shall deposit the Circle and CHQ quota in the same week to circle account and circle will deposit the CHQ quota in the next week.

    3)Association will follow the best suitable path in referendum of the executives association to ensure our strong representation in BSNL. Shri B Laxman and Shri Abhishek Chaudhary, VP CHQ have been given the charge for assessing the situation in co-ordination with the circle secretaries.

    4.Association shall initiate the agitation program from where it was left last time and give befitting reply to such breach of trust




  • AIGETOA KTK Wishes 2014

    New Year is not about changing the Dates but Direction;

    It’s not about changing the Calendar but Commitment;

    It’s not about changing the Actions but Attitude;

    It’s not about changing the Fruit but Faith, Force and Focus!

    May you Commit and Create the best New Year ever!